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Rhodesian Ridgebacks

When I was suffering from PND in 1997-2000, one of my bitches became responsible for my baby & I, as well as the other dogs. This manifested itself in her perception of danger being sky-high and her constant protection of us. No conventional actions, ie. spaying, training classes, etc. solved her problem and in despair I ended her stressful existence in December 2000. Then I realised that CHIANTI's problem was ME!
I had to change what I was doing and provide my pack with an effective leader.

In June 2005 I attended the Canine Communication Foundation Course by Jan Fennell.

By then, I had already been watching my dogs and learning from them; my greatest lessons have been from my own mistakes... Many people have asked me for help and it has been wonderful watching dogs responding to their owner's new leadership skills, some are pictured on this page. I believe that: “training is good but understanding is better”.

If you would like help with your dog, please contact me to arrange a visit.