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Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Anita writes:

My partner was out taking our dog for a walk when I received a phone call from him saying that Whiskey had disappeared. I dropped what I was doing and ran up to the Heath to join the search for our beloved dog. Along the way I asked familiar faces if they had seen him but no-one had. One kindly gentleman asked if he had a disc on his collar with our phone numbers on it. I replied that we had ordered one but were still waiting for it but that he did have a tattoo on his ear that could be traced back to us and that his forward thinking, responsible breeder had embroidered the National Dog Tattoo Register telephone number on his collar. I called directory enquires and was put through to the NDTR. The phone was picked up straight away and I said breathlessly (I was still running) that I had lost my dog. Before I could finish my sentence, Gill Christian asked me if it was one of Carol Ann's Rhodesian Ridgebacks as someone had just phoned in and said they had found a dog in Golders Hill Park. I must have screamed 'YES!' down the phone as I was so happy. Unfortunately the NDTR didn't have my details because of the postal strike, so had been unable to contact me directly. Instead they had called Carol Ann who was in ZA at the time, as Whiskey was still registered with her. I got the mobile number of the couple who had called up the NDTR but in my haste erased it from my mobile before saving it. I was just about to call the NDTR again when I came to the top of some stairs and saw Whiskey. I was so relieved, so overcome with happiness and joy that I couldn't hold back the tears. I went rushing up to him and gave him a huge hug. The couple who had found him had used a cardigan belt as a lead and were looking extremely happy parading Whiskey around. I thanked them profusely and called my partner to let him know the good news. Thanks to the NDTR we were reunited with Whiskey. They were quick to act and the tattoo proved invaluable. If it hadn't been for the NDTR & Carol Ann's wonderful foresight with regard to the embroidered collar I dread to think how the day would have turned out. Instead we prefer to focus on the fact we have Whiskey back and I am now a walking advocate for the NDTR. I cannot give them enough praise and I thoroughly recommend having your dog's ear tattooed.

Since a dog I bred in 1995 was stolen from his owners, it has been my policy to have all my puppies tattooed before
they leave the nest. The National Dog Tattoo Register tattooist comes to tattoo the puppies when they are 6-7 weeks old. Although they feel the needles for a while, the benefit of life-long identification totally outweighs the short-term pain. As a breeder, it means that you are a 2nd contact for the dogs who bear your affix and should things go terribly wrong, you are able to help your progeny.For more info & a local tattooist, call the

National Dog Tattoo Register

 01255 552455.


GLORY was born in July 2005. She went to live in Wiltshire, but when we had the Puppy Party, Glory's family didn't come, nor did they seem to be coping with the responsibilities of a young dog. Although I offered to help, her owners declined. On 2/11/07 I had a call from the NDTR to say that one of my dogs had been handed into the Bath Cats & Dogs Home… I recognised her tattoo number straight away, but the manager insisted that Glory did 7 days at the home before I could claim her, so I drove over the following Saturday & brought her home. She was desperately thin and unsure, but I gave her a fleece coat & a good meal and let her be. Glory was back home with us and won't be cold or hungry again. In 2012, Glory’s sire died and Pia’s dog was terribly lonely - I offered her Glory to keep Attila company, so Glory went to live with her brother and Pia, where she is loved more than ever before.