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Rhodesian Ridgebacks

WHISKY was born in 1991, a red wheaten dog who was an instinctive hunter from an early age, he also had an affinity to water. He was my African gentleman. Before he was released from quarantine, I made some enquiries about a companion for him. I never imagined that this would take me to the Webster’s (Janak), where I was offered a bitch perfectly suited to him. Before  I bred my first litter, I applied to the Kennel Club for my affix: “UMHLANDLA” was my first choice as this means mountain RIDGE in Zulu.

RYE produced her first litter by Whisky in 1994 and I kept BEAUJOLAIS. He did me proud in the ring, only missing his Junior Warrant by my own mistake and winning 4 Reserve CC's in total. As a successful stud dog, he sired beautiful puppies, including 3 Champions. He was my soul mate. Many pedigrees now contain UMHLANDLA lines as his progeny have been used widely. My second litter with Whisky & Rye produced MERLOT, the 2nd dog of my breeding to gain his KC Stud Book no.

CHIANTI was from their last litter in 1996. I also remarried in June that year, giving birth to Thomas in March 1997. All 4 Ridgebacks were brilliant with the new born baby and having them all around me, even while breast feeding, was a deterrent when the midwife came to visit!  We moved to Bedfordshire later that year, which probably deepened my PND and during those long dark months, Chianti became very protective of us, to such a degree that she would attack any perceived dangers. But caging her meant she became even more distressed & I decided, in my ignorance, to put her down - she was only 4. Since then, I have become an effective leader of my pack.

In May 2000 I bought AMARULA, a bitch sired by Ch Vizara Shemesh of Shabani. She is as sweet as the African liqueur & has a taste for it too! Before she was 2 years old, Amarula proved herself as a fire alarm. She won many Best of Breed awards at Open shows & won Best in Match at an interclub Christmas match in 2002. She gained her KC stud book no. in 2004. In January 2004, Amarula had a single pup by caesarian. A scan showed only one, so I prayed for a special pup & safe delivery for mum. GOD IS GOOD and blessed me with him!

CHABLIS was whelped in 2002. It was such a delight rearing BEAUJOLAIS' puppies at home, after seeing those he had sired. Chablis did extremely well as a pup, with many Best Puppy in Breed & BOB's at open shows. She gained her Junior Warrant with points to spare. From her first Limit class at a CH show, she won the Bitch Challenge Certificate: It was my first "ticket" too & I cried tears of joy! Chablis reminds me so much of her grandma Rye: calm, quiet, very affectionate & a joy to live with.

ZINFANDEL (Beaujolais x Amarula) became my first Champion in 2006. His life was one of quality over quantity form conception to his untimely death at only 9. A grass seed was part of the problem, but while treating him with Homeopathy, I also realised the dangers of over vaccination.

GRENACHE was born in 2006, from Chablis' litter of 8. Not shown much but did well as a puppy in the ring. She is a natural brood bitch, which became obvious when she was a super nanny to the puppies when she was a yearling. Very much like her grand dam Amarula.

SEMILLON was sired by Zinfandel in 2008, when
Marnier's owners wanted a puppy like Amarula! He is enthusiastic about everything he does and has been placed regularly at shows, gaining his stud book number in December 2011. He has 2 reserve CC’s He is also keen on swimming and retrieving, like his sire was.