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Rhodesian Ridgebacks


Bred by Carol Ann Carlton

19/01/2004  -  23/04/2013

Hips 6:3   Elbows: 0




ZINFANDEL was in a class of his own.

I was blessed to have a single puppy  dog so sound & such a joy to live with.  He loved the show ring and I loved  showing  him - winning was a bonus!

He was a very keen hound,  a blood  donor hero and he thoroughly enjoyed  swimming. He is sorely missed…

CRUFTS 2005 -Miss P. Barber- DOG CC, BOS & BEST PUPPY

M&N RR Club Open, March 05 - Mrs P. Wells - BEST IN SHOW

WELKS, April 05 - Mr T. Johnson - Reserve Dog CC

HOUNDSHOW, August 05 -Mr J.H. Brown - Reserve Dog CC

RR Club of GB, Sept 05 - Mr Ellis Hulme - Reserve Dog CC

Hound Association Open, Jan 06 - Mr C. Ashmore - BIS

B'HAM NATIONAL, May 06 - Mrs J. Peak - Reserve Dog CC

WINDSOR, June 06 - Mr N. Ziman - Dog CC & BOS

RR CLUB of GB, Sept 06 - Janet Wang - Dog CC & Res BIS

MIDLAND COS, Oct 06 -Mrs F. Somerfield - Dog CC & BOS

SRRA Ch show, May 07 - Miss G. Lawless - Dog CC & Res BIS

RICHMOND, Sept 07 - Mr T. Johnson - Dog CC and BOS

DARLINGTON, Sept 07- Mrs P. Wells - Dog CC, BOB & HG4

MIDLAND COUNTIES, Oct 08 - Mr J.H. Brown - Dog CC & BOB

RR Club of GB, Sept 11 -Mr B. Gregory -Best Veteran in Show

Zinfandel’s pedigree