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Rhodesian Ridgebacks


Bred by Carol Ann Carlton

D.o.B: 03/02/2008

Hips 6:3       Elbows 0




SEMILLON is a real enthusiast!

He enjoys showing, running with me cycling, swimming & retrieving.

Very sensitive and affectionate, he’s also

a blood donor, helping to save other dogs.


SEMILLON is now at stud to approved,

hip-scored bitches. His progeny are all ridged and free from Dermoid Sinus.

SEMILLON’s pedigree

CRUFTS 2013 - Ann Gates - 1st Limit Dog

HOUNDSHOW 2012 - Charlotte Strickland - 1st LD & Reserve Dog CC

LKA 2011 - Jenny Startup - Reserve Dog CC &

Stud Book No.

H.C.E.A. Nov 2011 - K. Pursglove - BOB &

Phil Fraser - 4th Best in Show

R.R.C.G.B. May 2011- Colin Wells - Best Dog

R.R.C.G.B. Sept 2008 - Eleanor Botwell -Best Puppy Dog

MATILDA was on loan to UMHLANDLA in 2014 and she produced 10 healthy puppies in August, 5 of each and all have correct ridges and no Dermoid Sinus. From this litter, I have kept  a dog and called him RIOJA.

Rioja is the fourth male in my line and has a little of each of his ancestors qualities …

KAHLUA was bred in Northern Ireland by Elizabeth Halliday of the KALUNDA kennel and joined us in July 2013.

She and Semillon compliment each other very well and together produced a beautiful litter of 13 puppies at the end of March 2016. There are 7 dogs and 6 bitches, all but one puppy are a lovely red wheaten colour but none have inherited dad’s liver nose! Lots of white socks too!  Not many ridge faults and no Dermoid Sinus.

I will keep a bitch puppy and call her PROSECCO.