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Rhodesian Ridgebacks

In May 200I I drove to Buxton to fetch an elderly bitch - ELSA was a crossbred who looked like a smooth Collie but with a wheaten coat & a ridge. She was in very poor condition. She failed to settle indoors but enjoyed her new kennel, clean warm bedding & natural diet so much that her coat grew back, she muscled up & enjoyed running with my dogs, herding Iain's Springer Spaniels and climbing the styles on the common. We dressed her up twice with Thomas at the RRWT Christmas parties. I even tried losing her at the summer Chievely rally, but was shadowed all day! Elsa had the most cantankerous nature, earning herself many nicknames, "Ratbag" being the most widely known & used, especially when she rolled in cow pats or ate them! Her zest for life made it impossible to figure out her real age. Then in January 2003 she had a heart attack while we were out walking & within days she was unable to eat or pass anything. My vet was very kind when we put her to sleep and tears welled in many eyes. I'm glad that I had her for the last 20 months of her life.

At the end of August 2008, I had a call from RRWT

about an 8yr old daughter of BEAUJOLAIS. I didn't know anyone who wanted an older bitch, so I collected her from her foster carer as I didn't mind having her for the rest of her days. TULA, aka ELSA, settled in well with the rest of my pack and enjoyed her daily walks, but always reserved some energy to bounce about for her dinner! It was interesting having 2 veteran bitches at the same time…  On cold/ wet days, she wore one of BEAUJOLAIS' coats. In January 2013 Elsa collapsed while bouncing about at dinner time - her back legs gave way and she wasn’t able to eat her dinner that night. Her appetite returned the next day but she struggled to walk properly thereafter, as much as she tried to keep up, it was obvious that she was losing the use of her hindquarters. I said farewell to her 31/01/13.

 “International Rescue”  - Thunderbirds


If you think you would like to rescue a Ridgeback, please contact the Coordinator: Annabelle Jones 0300 1010030

In Feb 2012, our young Whippet SPRITZER died tragically in the woods. Chaser pined more than we expected, so I contacted JR Whippet Rescue and enquired after any possible "older bitches" - Whippy & Meg had belonged to an elderly gent who went into care, so this mother (14) & daughter (11) pair came to live with us. They enjoyed their daily walks with Chaser, Amarula & Elsa, but most of all they helped us all manage the enormous gap left by Spritzer... Mandy was right:

"you can't have just one Whippet"!

Sadly, the changes were too much for Whippy and then Meg simply didn’t know life without her mum - so in all, a very devastating time.

JR WHIPPET RESCUE - If you would like to consider a Whippet, there are so many
waiting to get right under your skin! Please contact Linda Jones - 01234 838927

In March 2013, I had a call from a local man about a Whippet, as he knew we had lost ours. Her owner was moving (so we were told) and couldn’t take her with them. We met up and walked Chaser with WHISPA, then I kept on walking back home with 2 Whippets! Whispa settled in very quickly and had Iain trained in no time at all - she loves going fishing with him, getting very excited when sees the fishing gear going in the truck. We discovered that we were her fourth home (& before turning 2 in May) but she is in her forever home now and in our hearts too.

Albery Dog Rescue  - 01234 356612 - Beryl Griffiths

Looked after Whispa for a while, so if you live in Bedfordshire and are looking for a dog (all breeds) please contact Beryl first.